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Mila Kunis Feet

Mila Kunis Feet & legs
Milena “Mila” Kunis (Russian: Милена Кунис; Ukrainian: Мілена Куніс born August 14, 1983),( /ˈmlə ˈknɪs/), is an American actress.
Milena Markovna Kunis
Los Angeles, California
Awesome Body, Sexy, Beautiful Smile, Perky Tits, Unbelievable Magical Eyes (heterochromia)
Smoking, Swearing
You probably know her from that 70’s show as Jackie, the high maintenance hot chick who makes Ashton Kutcher look intelligent. In reality, aside from Mila’s sexy figure and bedroom eyes, she has quite a sense of humor, as she’s the voice of Meg Griffin on The Family Guy, flawlessly delivering non-sequiter after non-sequiter joke. Mila was born in the Soviet Union in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. Her Family moved to L.A. when Mila was 7 years old. Her mother was a physics teacher and her father was a mechanical engineer. In spite of the recognition her work brought her, Mila Kunis continued to attend classes at her local school, Fairfax Senior High School, sitting alongside students from the nearby Inglewood and South Central L.A. neighborhoods. She graduated from Fairfax in 2001, the same year that she appeared alongside Kirsten Dunst and Sisqo in the teenie movie Get Over It and in the video for Aerosmith’s single “Jaded.” Having a unique voice, Mila was cast as the voice of Meg on The Family Guy, as well as a few other cartoon characters. Her credits also include some Aerosmith videos and movies, most notably “Gia” starring Angelina Jolie. Mila’s first big break was the role of Jackie, on That 70s Show, which follows the exploits of six Wisconsin teenagers in the 1970s. Though Ashton Kutcher attempted to steal each and every scene he was in, Mila’s hotness allowed her to share in the spotlight. Mila Kunis continued her role as Jackie in That ’70s Show until the show ended in 2006. However, in the meantime, Mila Kunis got another full-time gig doing voice work for the hit comedy Family Guy. She was the voice for Meg Griffin, older sister of the Griffin family. She’s worked on over 100 episodes to date. Then, in 2004, she guest-starred in two episodes of Grounded for Life. She was also included in the movie Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (2005). Mila Kunis starred opposite William Shatner in American Psycho II: All American Girl, playing the lead role of Rachelle Newman, a purported Patrick Bateman survivor. Then, in 2007, she had a role in the movie Boot Camp. Mila’s breakout film role was the 2008 hit Forgetting Sarah Marshall, costarring Kristen Bell. She followed that up the same year with Max Payne, co-starring with Mark Wahlberg, Beau Bridges, Ludacris, Chris O’Donnell, and Kate Burton. Recent films for Mila include Extract (2009), the post-apocalyptic thriller The Book of Eli (2010), Date Night (2010), and Black Swan (2010), where she received widespread acclaim for her performance. This included Golden Globe and SAG Award nomimations, as well as winning Best Supporting Actress at the Venice Film Festival and a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress.

86 Sex Appeal

After watching Mila Kunis whine her way through eight seasons on That ’70s Show and voice the awkward and annoying Meg Griffin on Family Guy, it might be tough to envision Kunis as a sex symbol. Well, tell that to Maxim magazine, who ranked the Ukrainian-born stunner No. 5 on its 2009 Hot 100 list and No. 22 the year after. Her sudden status as a sex symbol shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially after her breakthrough performance in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, in which she used her smoky beauty and girl-next-door appeal to craft the most crush-worthy performance since Cameron Diaz’s turn in There’s Something About Mary. Unfortunately all we could do was crush while Macaulay Culkin, her boyfriend of nearly a decade, got to touch her skin, smell her hair, pluck her eyebrows, apply her deodorant, and do all that other stuff that normal, healthy couples do together — at least until this January, when Kunis announced they had split up. And of course, her hotness quotient was upped exponentially in that infamous sex scene with Natalie Portman in Black Swan.